New Site - Can't Login

So I’m getting frustrated with DH.

Activated new account last night. I was sent an ‘approved’ letter. Whenever I attempt to access it, I get that crazy:

Site Temporarily Unavailable
We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact the webmaster/ tech support immediately to have them rectify this.
error id: “bad_httpd_conf”

Attempting to login with my FTP shows login not accepted. I’m trying to login into

Tech support tickets are taking hours to reply with obvious things like “make sure your using the right password”

Is it always this hard to start a new site? I have all the files ready to go, I just need to log into the FTP and upload them.


Search the forum for bad httpd conf, and you’ll find a solution for that problem.

As far as loggin in with FTP, you have to use the user name associated with the domain, to check log into the panl > Domains > Manage > edit across from the domain in question, and see what use is selected to run cgi as. that’s the user name you’ll need to use for FTP login. (a search would have revealed this too)

But if you really don’t like it here, you can allways get your money back. You’ve got 97 days to make up your mind.


Thanks Matttail

I’ve searched on both, and I’ve tried the workaround for the bad httpd - it doesn’t seem to have cleared anything.

And yep, I’m using the user name associated with the domain. (Searched on that one too.)

Tech support is running around 745 tickets right now - is that normal?

yes and no. It’s been up that high for about the past week or two. Normally it’s in the 200’s sometimes lower.

I think the time it takes to get a response from tech support depends on how easy it to fix the problem. There may be some actual back-end issues with yoru domain they’re trying to fix - and they’ll get back to you when it’s all done.

One the other hand, about 3 days ago I had a simply question, and I put in a ticked when support was up aorund 650+ and got a reply in 20 min.

Hopefully support will get back to you before long. You might also (if it isn’t allready) set a support ticket at the site outage / emergency rating if you’re not getting a reply from them.