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Greetings, not sure where to ask this but hopefully I’m in the right area, I currently have a domain hosted with dreamhost and have heaps of space and bandwidth that I haven’t used. My nephew is at uni at the moment and I offered to host his webpage and a small forum under my hosting, he has his own domain name so I guess my question is as follow:

How can I give him say 100MB space and 1 MySql database and allow him access only via ftp to his site and not mine, is this a matter of a) Creating a new user with shell access (give him the details) b) add his domain to my list of domains c) create the space for it and the MySQL database aswell, is that all? he asked if I have Cpanel, I beleive I don’t, this wouldn’t be a big problem, right? could anyone shed some light into this please?

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When you create a new ftp account, that account does not “see” your account. In fact your account does not “see’” that account either. For you to access his account you need to use his username and password.
Once the account is set up, use remap directory in the control panel to name a folder that will be visible on the web.
Create a database for him and give him the information he needs to access it.
He does not need shell access for this to work either.

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I would also recomend u to create a web pannel account for him, so he can manage his account the same way u do.
After u create that, u can give that webpannel permissions for that user, space, mysqls.
Its not cpanel, but its a DH pannel

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That’s exactly what I want to do, give him some space to do his stuff but still remain on top (me being the account holder), just wondering though, how much control do I have on that webpanel account? (size, BW Limit, Msql Limit) and how do I create a webpanel account for him? I can’t seem to find it on my webpanel.

Thanks all for your kind support.



u have full control because u are the account owner.
go here to create a new web pannel
then give him permission for anything u want.
Tip: dont let him control the user u created, because if u do, he can change is disk quota and bw.

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