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I’m interesting in signing up to DH to host a site i currently run. However i’m unsure if the site would be hosted.

The sites do 2Tb of transit a month, do around 1million hits a day and is php/mysql based. We are currently doing around 200,000 sql queries an hour (simple insert/selects, with a few joins) the databases (we have 2) are around 500M each. being php based we currently do cache sql and templates however the site is rather CPU intensive (simply because of the huge amount of hits it gets).

So the question really is does DH limit based on cpu usage? And what plan would be best suited to host these 2 sites?

I’d take those questions to support as we’re simply users like you. I don’t think any of us use that much.

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I agree with Wholly that you should ask DreamHost support for a recommendation at those levels - particularly the query load. That’s 55 queries per second!

DH doesn’t have hard CPU limits, but will recommend that you move to dedicated hosting if your site’s CPU usage starts to affect server performance.

What are you hosted on now?

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wow… maybe a dedicated server will do. Where do you host right now ?

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All shared hosts do.

As mentioned, I’d run it by DH for an official answer. When you run it by them, I’d mention whatever caching you’re currently doing to see if that helps.

What’s your current setup? Have you been booted from one or more other shared hosts?

While DH offers more resources than most others… if you see the site shooting to a level where it will end up on a dedicated server anyway, it might be the time to just get it over with.

What type of site is it?

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  1. DreamHost have removed it’s limit on CPU resources. Unless your site is causing the server load to rise excessively, DreamHost will not shut down your site. Even then, DreamHost will contact you to resolve the issue and move you to a less busy server if the issue could not be resolved. It is very rare for DreamHost to shut down your site. May I ask what do you plan to install?

  2. You may want to consider using a bandwidth promotional code since you will be having a huge amounts of vistors.

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Theres a little more you can do to decrease server load:
– Zend Optimizer: Its free and makes some minor tweaks in how the PHP code is executed to improve efficiency by maybe 3-5%.
– Alternative PHP Cache (APC): An op-code caching system slated to be included in the PHP6 standard release, it caches compiled PHP scripts and can yield a 10x to 25x increase in performance for a major reduction in CPU load. Note: These are also called PHP accelerators, others include e-accelerator (foss), xcache (free), Zend Platform ($$$$), there are others but most/all are no longer maintained so be careful of installing anything obsolete.
– Memcache: Caches PHP values in memory but the script must be coded with support for it… Packages like Joomla, SMF, and I think MediaWiki include support for it.
– Custom Build PHP: Check the DH wiki for an article on custom building PHP, you can further increase performance/efficiency by disabling modules you don’t need.
– htaccess: Audit your htaccess files, if you can live without htaccess then you can further increase efficiency. For deny directives move the files out of public_html and edit the scripts to include them via absolute path. For auth directives (username/password logins) use PHP and MySQL auth instead. Theres no alternative for mod rewrite (SEF “pretty” url’s) but those are slow anyway. Note: Its essentially an automatic on/off flag to check for htaccess files or not on an entire virtual host, so if you have 1 htaccess file then you may as well have a dozen of them.

There are plenty of other tweaks and tips to increase performance but doing all of that should help your site play well with others in a shared environment.

Hope that helps,

I thought some PHP’s framework has some ‘routing’ as .htaccess SEF replacement, if I’m not wrong it is cakephp framework.

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Maybe, I’ve heard of cake but never took the time to read up on it.


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I’ve took a look at it. And it has some caching features also. But I think the documentations are lousy. Try to look at Symfony Project for a competing framework. Their reference & documentation are clearer, at least for me.


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