New Server Uptime

I recently moved some of my sites from cirtex shared to my own server at dreamhost…Since the move my sites have been up and down. Yesterday they were down on 4 different occasions…The first time, tech said they fixed something…But since that email i have yet to hear back

When i email i get a response saying, well the “sites seem fine” that email usually comes 30 min later. Last night i was down and emailed support and have yet to even get reply.

Site Down At 11:01

Down at 12:44

Site Down at 10:02pm

Site down this morning

being down 5 times in less then 19 hours isn’t good business, i have advertisers and they pay for my sites to be online…

2 of the times i restarted server and that seemed to get things going, but i cant do that each time…Something has to be wrong…

Just wanted to let you know one of our Support Leads just emailed you back! You can keep replying to his emails directly, as you’ve been doing, if you have any questions. Thanks for your patience with this!


What did Support say the problem was?

They said I was using to much RAM and I had 2 upgrade to 4GB. Seems to be ok, but I may have makes some changes