New Secured Hosting

I have my site with name purchased from Godaddy , and hostinng through Dream host . Todya I took secured hosting . It had been 2 Hours, still i cannot open my site with name as … Do i need to edit the server list in GODADDY …?

PLease help . I want to open this saite on 23rd , still this issue is not fixed.

Not to sound stupid or anything but have you configured wordpress to work with ssl? It takes more than just buying the certificate you know.

My main intention was to protect the music files i upload from getting downloaded by real player. i took SSL and posting my attachments through HTTPS://
everything works perfect in mozilla and chrome , they show that we cannot download this link …but we can download from internet explorer,
IS there a solution for this …Please respond …

so…you want to upload files but not have anybody actually download the files to listen to them? i’m assuming you are wanting to stream the music maybe? the files have to be downloaded temporarily by the browser no matter what. there is no way to prevent the determined from grabbing your files and you cannot stop it unless you don’t upload the music in the first place. you are just implementing steps to stop those who are less web savvy and don’t look in their temporary internet files. welcome to the intarwebs. i don’t have any sort of helpful advice for your problems with ie though. might try searching google to see if someone had the same problems you are having.