New Ruby on Rails Application Error

I installed ROR per the directions at:

When I go to the new “Welcome Aboard” index page and click on “About your application environment” I get " Application Error Rails application failed to start properly"

Could someone please help me figure out what might be going wrong? I need some detailed help as I do not know much about how to read environmental variables from an ssh session or how to set them.


You can look in the log file in your applications log directory to get a better idea of what’s going on… or is that where you got the environment variable thing?


Thanks for the hint. The error seems to be:

dispatch.cgi:3:in `require’: no such file to load – ./…/config/environment (LoadError)

there is an environment.rb file, and a directory called environments

Any suggestions?

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I’m experiencing the same thing - does anyone have any insight?

First, it appears you are using dispatch.cgi, you need to be using dispatch.fcgi.

Enable FastCGI for your domain in your control panel and modify your .htaccess to point at dispatch.fcgi.

When I get back home I will take a look more at the instructions you used to do the install, it is probably something to do with modifications to the structiure of your rails app.