New registration denied - fraud


i know this is a customer to customer forum, but dreamhost is being uncooperative at best. i’ve been with dh for several years and finally convinced my husband to switch servers. he signed up and did not receive his confirmation. after two days of e-mails trying to figure out what was wrong, he was informed that his registration was denied because of suspicions of fraud.

we are american citizens currently living abroad. dh refuses to give us any information as to why the registration was denied. how do we go about getting answers?

i assume it is because they traced the IP and found that we are living in a “flagged” country. but what if that’s not it? is it possible to find out if a certain domain (he’s obviously trying to transfer his domain to dh) is flagged?

anyone know where i can get any answers?

any help would be greatly appreciated.




There is nothing you can do except talk to DreamHost about it.

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yrstruly, you might also be able to help by vouching for him from your current account - though don’t run awry of the restriction against referring your spouse!

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On a different hosting company, while i was aboard,
i was only able to pay by check ! I was fixing this problem by using a proxy in the same country.

Did you contact DH ?
You may have to fax a copy of the card.

Credit card is an easy way for internet company to being paid,
but there is a lot of fraud… and such security measures :frowning:

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Unlucky! I know it’s no consolation but from a security/fraud viewpoint, it’s better to be safe then sorry. A similar kind of thing happened to me last month but it was my bank that declined to accept a debit card payment I was trying to make!

When I spoke to them, because I was trying to purchase something from another country they thought the card might have been stolen and put the card on hold.

All I was trying to do was to purchase a hosting account from my current project the value was only $40 so it wasn’t mega bucks!

I suppose my bank is at least looking after my interests and for that I should be thankful.


all good suggestions, but unfortunately i’ve covered all bases. we told them that we were married and their suggestion was for me to to host his domain!

he paid by bank transfer from his us bank account as well.

we’ve contacted them several times and they’ve totally cut off all lines of communication.

it’s so strange…



Did your husband use a Promo Code when he signed up? If so, as lensman pointed out, you probably ran up against these restrictions:

"New accounts must use a different credit card number from the referrer to qualify for rewards credit for the referrer. Customers also cannot refer themselves or their spouse/civil union partner. No exceptions will be made.

Promo codes must be unique across our entire system. Promo codes only work for totally new customers (not for existing customers adding more services or new customers trying to host domains that are already in our system)."

If you really want the domain hosted under a separate account, maybe they would reconsider if you offered to pay the “full-up” hosting charge, then again, they may not.

It would certainly be less expensive for you to just host his domain! :wink:



i submitted the application from a US ip address and the registration was accepted within minutes.

why they just couldn’t tell me it was a problem with my ip, i have no idea…

thanks for the help, everyone.



They probably couldn’t say because it’s generally bad practice to tell people why they triggered fraud detection because the bad people will use this information to devise a way to get around it.

I’m very glad things worked out for you, though! It was frustrating hearing about a legitimate customer like your husband not being able to join our fine community!

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