New plan

Correct me if I’m wrong. Dreamhost just pushed out their “new” plan. and under the “new” plans, they claimed that Crazy Domain Insane plan will now be able to host 3 domains, and before they only allow you to host 1 domain.

I remember when I signed up back in Dec of 2002, I remember the plan being allowed 3 domains even back then!

Am I correct?

hmm…i used to be able to have only 5 subdomains, now i can have 15…!

The CDI plan used to carry ONE domain name but you could always add more at extra cost (by adding e.g. a 3-pack booster).

By the way, why don’t you guys make up at least some throw-away usernames instead of talking to yourself/yourselves (Anonymous vs. Anonymous)? LOL! [/Joke]

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