New plan questions

I am considering moving from another host, but want to check on some plan features first. Specifically, I’m looking at the Code Monster account.

It has 15 full domain hosting support. Does that indicate that there will be 15 web roots, each accessible from a different domain name?

Does each domain then have 75 subdomains, or is that total?

Can I have a jabber address at each of those domain names, or do I only get a jabber instance against a primary domain name?

Does php5 support mcrypt and CURL? If someone could point me to a phpinfo() page on dreamhost, that would be great.

Ta, Dfigio

Apparently full domain means a domain that has been registered, eg
Then subdomains such as would be counted separately.

As for as “web root”, perhaps you mean are talking about the document root? Wether or not it is a domain or subdomain, as long as it is “fully hosted” it will have a document root, which will be located in the home directory of an FTP or shell user. A user can have more than one document root directory in his home directory. Domains/subdomain may even have the same document root (ie and both have /home/nobody/ as the document root).

The subdomain max is per plan, not per domain, and you can also expand the number of domains or subdomains by adding booster packs.

You can add Jabber addresses to any fully hosted domain or subdomain.

I’m not sure about the PHP 5 DreamHost provides, but you can certainly compiled your own with support for those modules.

:cool: Perl / MySQL / HTML+CSS

Yes, you can host 15 domains with individual web roots and individual mail-accounts, etc. (or you can mirror or redirect them as you like).

You will have 75 subdomains in total. If you need more you can buy booster-packs with 3 more domains and 15 subdomains.

You can have unlimited jabber users for each domain and subdomain.

DreamHost support both mcrypt and CURL out of the box. If you need modules which are not supported by standard you can compile your own php.

Example phpinfo()'s:
Standard php installation at DreamHost
Custom php installation at DreamHost (which I did before DreamHost officially supported php5).

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[quote]If you need modules which are not supported by standard you can compile your own php.


I guess that means that the Code Monster accounts (or maybe all the accounts?) are BSD jails (or maybe Linux jails)? Is that true?


Accounts are not jailed but there are some measures in places to hide users activities from each other somewhat.

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