New Phishing email, appears to be from

I thought I’d let everyone know I got a Phishing email setup to look like it came from "" the other day. I’ll attach it below.

It had my name, so I must have been harvested from one of the many big breaches…but I guess the attackers spent the time to see Dreamhost hosts my domain, and so have the phishing email appear to come from them.

Dear [my actual name here]

Thank you for choosing .

As part of our ongoing data privacy and security efforts, we’re requesting that you set your data use consent preferences.

Set your data use consent preferences

this was a link to

Which I haven’t looked at

You can learn more about how and why we process the data we collect by accessing your consent management page using the link above.

Thank you,

So, I opened a ticket with Dreamhost about this. Some guys from the DreamHost Abuse/Security Team contacted me, asking for the email headers. I sent them, and they concluded this is a legit email from Enom. I’d never heard of Enom before, but it seems they do Dreamhost domain registration stuff.

Sorry for the false alarm.