New Panel UI?

On 3/15 I logged on & an entirely new user interface popped up. It had a more modern look to it with a small 3 bar drop down menu in the upper left hand corner. I clicked on it & down came everything I expected. I thought “oh ok … it’s how the world works … we always upgrade.” I was able to navigate to my destination without a problem. But yesterday the panel UI reverted back to the old look & feel. And I had mixed feelings about that. Like … was there a problem? If so, I’m ok with that. But if it was a very clever facade to capture passwords… seems like a stretch but I thought I had better be thorough and check.

Has anybody else seen this new UI? Do you know what happened? Why did it show up & then vanish?

What part of the panel were you trying to access? Was this the Edit profile option on the left right corner?

No it looked nothing like the Edit profile page. (And where is the left right corner anyway? … yeah couldn’t pass that up. )