New panel mySQL page

I’m trying to add a mySQL database with the new page in the web panel. I filled out the fields and submit but am not sure if anything is actually happening. The earlier set up showed the new database as “changed” until it became active, but you could tell that it was pending. Now I am just dumped back on to the page with my active DBs and the fields I just filled out, no notification that anything has happened. I started to think maybe it was a browser problem (I use Safari) so I tried IE but got the same response. Is this page working?

Same issue here. Been 14 minutes since I added it, and it gives no indication. Nor did it give any indication when I had hit the submit button. Data goes to Panel, I wait, and the page refreshes showing me exactly what I started out with.

Beetle B.

Well, the database did finally show up, hours later. As of 11pmEST last night it was still not accessible, but all is well this AM. If there is anyway to modify the new panel to show that a newly set up database is pending, that would probably be helpful.

OK, this is what should happen when you set up a new database. You should get a message like this:

[quote] SUCCESS: Your database “DBNAME” has been created!

Your hostname “DBSUBNAME.YOURDOMAIN.COM” will be set up within about 5-10 minutes.
You MUST always use your hostname to connect to your database… “localhost” will NOT WORK.

Connect to your new database from the command line with:
You can also go to http://DBSUBNAME.YOURDOMAIN.COM/ to manage your MySQL database from the web (once the hostname is set up of course). [/quote]
Wonder where that was yesterday?