New panel features are annoying

I cannot STAND the Websites Setup block on the home page. It is utterly useless to me and I really really wish I could hide or dismiss it somehow.

I also cannot stand the constant notifications for useless info. I have a auto-renewing SSL cert that is expiring? No, I don’t want to renew it – it does that all by itself! Same with auto-renewing domains…

Please someone add the functionality to turn all this silly stuff off in the panel!

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Yes, those SSL notifications are annoying – I’ve gotten almost 900 of them since DH introduced Let’s Encrypt certificates, and only a handful required any action (i.e. failed renewals). In recent years, DH is consolidating a days renewals in one email, but it’s still a lot of email.

The renewal emails have a “unsubscribe from all automatic notifications” at the bottom, but that’s overkill because then I wouldn’t get notified of important SSL events, like renewal failures.

true agreed . surprised that i kept thinking m the only one , but seeing a lot of em hea

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