New Panel Fails in Spain

The new panel does not work in Spain. Although I use Spain’s number one ISP , DH support tell me that the problem is here. How DH could make such an upgrade is beyond me! Is there any hope in hope in hell of having access to the old panel? This has seriously affected my work. I am thinking of taking all my sites to Bluehost or someone.

UPDATE: My ISP say it has nothing to do with them.

“Does not work” covers a lot of ground. Could you be more specific about what issue you are experiencing?

And have you tried from a different browser or a different computer?

Yes, you’re quite right. I have tried on two MacBooks (pro and air with Yosemite) and one PC and one Android telephone. I have tried both at work and at home.

When I login to the panel I get a blank page and on the extremely rare occasions something more has happened I have seen giant icons and unformatted text.

I’m also getting an error, it’s a timeout when loading JS and CSS files from For example, gives a console error net::ERR_TIMED_OUT.