New members not receiving passwords

I’ve tried various SMTP plugins, yet the issue has not been resolved. New members only receive passwords when they use the “Forgot Password” feature, but this is not a long term solution! Also, whenever I send a test email to myself via the SMTP plugin, it goes through immediately. And yes, I made sure to set up a domain-based “from” address, and basically did everything that was recommended to me by various people, support, and developers. What could be going wrong here??

Thanks in advance. Any advice would be more than welcome!

What plug-ins are you using? What process or plugin are you using to sign up “new members”?

A little more info is needed about your site, because I’m not sure what password email “new members” are supposed to be receiving for your site.

I’m using quite a few plugins at the moment but, regarding smtp, I’m currently using WP-Mail-SMTP. I also have the Simple:Press forum plugin, but I was told that login/registration is a WP component. Members currently register via the forums page:

Are you using any registration plugins? Like BuddyPress?

The closest thing I have to a registration plugin would be Erident Custom Login and Dashboard. However, I doubt that would be creating conflict since it simply customizes the registration/login page.

You may be surprised the myriad ways a plugin can do things weirdly. Though I checked the code and that doesn’t seem to be plausible.

Since the forum sends people to I know it’s not using it’s own thing (which is good!) BUT I can see you have a captcha plugin installed AND you have a ‘mailing list’ add on. And when I tried to register, it didn;t give me the usual WP confirmation page (telling me to check my email), but kicked me back to the forums.

I would turn off both of the captcha and mailing list plugins to see if that helps.

Also you can delete the account that registered.

Okay, I turned off the mailing list prompt and both of the captchas. Unfortunately, that did not solve the issue. :confused: I did a test registration, but still did not receive a password. I tried both with and without the WP-Mail-SMTP plugin enabled. I literally don’t know what else to try.

Were you ALSO kicked to the forums page instead of being shown the note about sending an email?

Issue fixed! After deactivating and activating my SMTP plugin, email notifications now work. Strange, as I know I had tried that before. Thank you for the suggestions.