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Good evening.
I would like to know if DreamHost can provide to me a trial web hosting account in order to test your capabilities.

In actuality all of dremhosts plans start with a 2 week free trial. It doesn’t appear that with the current “special” on the website that is as obvious as it normally is. Just go begin the signup process at

While your here, the 2 caveats with the signup process are as follows: You do NOT have to register a domain at this time, if you do it will cost you 9.95 up front. You can choose to use a free domain during the trial, or point the nameservers of something you already own to dreamhost. Second, When you sign up for the free trial you MUST use a valid credit card, that card must be able to accept a charge of $1.00 to $2.00 which is refunded immediately (this is for fraud prevention, but if you use a bad card to start with it can take you a week plus to get it sorted and get the account approved.)

Thank you for your direct responding to my post.
I will check it.


I just bought two domain names from Dream Host, and would like instructions on how to join WordPress through DreamHost to begin my sites. I already have two sites through Dream Host, however, they were set up for me and the person is not available to give me guidance.
Is there a way that I can start entirely new websites on my own without attachments to the old ones (which I no longer want) ?


First step is add the domains as “fully hosted” on the manage domains page in the panel. (this is different than registering the domain.)

Second step is WAIT. Until you can visit the domain you just added with your browser and see the generic dreamhost coming soon page.

Step three go to Goodies > One Click Installs in the panel and use the one click installer to install wordpress. (hint: you probably want to leave the blank after the / empty – it can be left empty.)

You will get an email with a link to click to complete the install. (and if you skipped step 2, then that link probably won’t work yet)
Added note: the wait for the “generic dreamhost coming soon page” will be anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours.

Thank you for your help Mr. LakeRat!