New ICANN domain transfer policy

Apparently GoDaddy is sending out email to their domain name registration customers this week (I haven’t received mine yet) warning them of a change in ICANN’s domain transfer policy, effective this Friday, November 12. ICANN-accredited registrars will have to honor domain transfer requests EVEN IF THEY HAVE RECEIVED NO EXPLICIT CONFIRMATION FROM THE CUSTOMER OF INTENT TO TRANSFER. The GoDaddy letter says that they will try to notify a customer of a domain transfer request in order to get confirmation, but if the customer doesn’t respond within five days, GoDaddy will now be required by the new policy to honor the transfer request.

For the fine print (which, to be honest, I have not read), see:

One obvious implication of this is the increased danger of domain hijacking. GoDaddy is apprising its customers that they can lock their domains to prevent unauthorized transfers. I was looking through DreamHost’s Web Admin Panel to see if there was a similar locking option for domain names registered with DreamHost. I couldn’t find one. Is there such an option that I might have missed? If there isn’t a locking option, can DreamHost add one?

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This is just stupid!
I am sure there are many people who go 5 days without checking their email

Yeah, it’s stupid all right.

Call me paranoid, but if it turns out DreamHost has no mechanism for a customer to lock his/her domain, I will seriously consider transferring my domain, even though it’s a free registration here, to a place like GoDaddy that does offer locking.

I’m hoping to hear from them… I want to make sure mine is locked up tight too. If it’s an option that’s currently available, I sure can’t find it!

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It sure would be nice to hear some officical response from DreamHost, and find out what their take on this is. I must say that I find their silence rather disappointing.

In the meantime, my ISP,, has issued a November 12 MOTD, along with a FAQ, saying pretty much that there’s nothing to worry about.

MOTD is on’s front page right now. FAQ is at:

I put in a support ticket asking if there was a way to lock my domains, and this is the reply I got this morning:

[quote]Actually, the issues with ICANN have been blown a bit out of proportion.
For more information on their changes, please see the following article:

I’m pretty sure that domain registrar changes won’t take effect unless
you specifically approve them from the web panel, in any case, but if you
have any other questions or concerns please let us know.


Thanks for posting that support ticket response, daisygirl.

That link was very helpful. The blog entry at has a link to a blog entry at Randon Bytes:

that gives a fairly detailed account of context and motivation for the new policy (NetSol, anyone?).

Good to know the support ticket system is working. But since this forum is another means of providing support, and since this issue is of some general interest rather than an individual problem, I’m still wondering why there has been no response from a DreamHost rep to my initial post. Something like daisygirl’s support ticket response would have been fine as an initial DreamHost response here, and might have even prevented some support tickets from being generated by worried DreamHost customers.

Also, the question is still left open of whether a lock status option might be a good feature to have.

Some of us have been moving offices as well. It’s been really busy (we were a little understaffed on Veterans day, which resulted in some support backlog . I’m around, and Jeff’s around, though, and I know that I’ve been keeping an eye on the forums… we haven’t forgotten about y’all.

4 of us (including me) are headed out to LISA in Atlanta next week, so you may not see much of me until after Thanksgiving.