New here, what to expect?

I am a new DH customer! I am impressed with the control panel and the features there. BUT. I have had problems with ALL emails I have set up. No email account can receive mails, and no webmail is working. All hostnames resolve fine though.
I have contacted support via the panel form and I am waiting for a reply.
How long should I expect to wait? No mail at all is a pretty serious problem and I did not expect to have problems SO early!
fyi, all mails sent to any email account are bounced with a “user not here” procmail msg. :frowning:

are you new to a “cpanel” environment? it may be some sort of end user configuration issue…just as it takes time for DNS information to propigate, mailservers can face some prop time as well.

Did you just set up your domain(s) to DH DNS? When did you originally purchase this(ese) domain(s)?

Are you sure your domain is resolving? Have you done a web browser “refresh”?

How much time has elapsed since you originally set up the mail accounts?


DH has been having issues with email. First, try using the m1234567 username generated for each email account. They recently implemented using "" for the username but with the recent issues support said to use the m username.

You can find that by going under “Manage Email” in the panel and editing the email address.

Usually webmail will work even when regular mail will not. That both aren’t working at all is unusual.

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Firstly, thank you for your replies. It’s more than I have received from support as of now, 11 hours since posting the request for help. Is that normal to wait this long? Surely that’s not a reasonable time for support to take?

Anyhoo, back to your help. I was certain that all of the domains were resolving properly and had checked from various proxies alongside my own ISP DNS and all web pages resolved. But whenever I sent a mail to my new email accounts (they were nearly 24 hours old by now) I would get a postfix error saying user did not exist at spunkymail etc. I assume that email accounts are valid after that timer clock goes away on my panel?

I had been trying to read all I could before posting here and had looked at the M123xxx account option (even though the wiki said not to use it ) and that would not get into webmail. I had successfully got the web, ftp amd SMTP working fine. I am an old hand at this hosting stuff but it’s my first time at DH, most others have been Cpanel based.

Now, support have still not responded and imagine my surprise when I find the mailboxes are now working in both POP and webmail.

My question is this: Should it take that long for the boxes to enable? Or do you think even though my web and ftp and mail domains were updated there was still a mail server wait time?

If you make a new email account on your domains, how long before you can use it from a pop client? Or webmail?

Thanks, lets hope this 24 hours without mail is my only mail problem :wink:

No, it should not take that long, but my experience (hosted here since 1998) has been that getting mailboxes “live” is the thing that takes the longest with Dreamhost.

I have been fortunate enough to have a new domain propated, users set up, and all else in order in under an hour (yep!) on numeroius occasions with Dreamhost, but have had to wait for in excess of 24 hours for mail to be usable on some occasions.

I have no idea why this is; it doesn’t seem like there is any reason for it to take so long. It almost makes me suspect that this is something that, for some unknown reason, might require a “human” involvement at Dreamhost, though I can’t imagine why that should be the case.

Obviously, YMMV, but I have had it take as little as less than an hour, to over 24 hours…and I can’t annecdotally account for why sometimes it is so much quicker than others (though I don’t see why a mailbox shouldn’t be “all set up and ready to go” by the time DNS propagates!)


rlparker, thank you very much. Your reply has made me much easier with my descision to change to DH. I do hope that I have a quicker mailbox enable experience in the future but just to know that it is not just me is a help.

I am sure you already know this but I will say it. It is people such as you that make these forum thingies invaluable to a business and I hope DH take note and give you helpful types a few free months (hint).

… worth a try :slight_smile:

Email accounts often take up to 2 hours to set up. It’s not clearly stated on the control panel and often it’s faster than that. Lately it seems to be a lot slower, they’ve also been having issues with lag time on domain name registrations. My guess would be because of the issues with the network switches causing general slowness across the network.

You may also find this is the case with MySQL hostnames on existing domains.

Going out on a limb (cause I have nothing to really substantiate this but my own experience), email has to propagate through DH’s network. For instance, I’ve changed nameservers elsewhere and the site will resolve on the new server, but email is still coming through DH. I assume they’re caching email addresses and where they’re supposed to resolve.

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DNS entries generally have a Time To Live setting, which I don’t see listed in the Manage DNS portion. Probably because we’re not allowed to change it. It’s quite likely that they have different TTL’s for mail then they do for other parts of the domain DNS entries.


Hi, Scott, sorry for being dense but what does DNS have to do with my email mailboxes? Surely once the domain name is propergated fully, all the mailbox settings are internal to DH servers?? The postfix error seems to be suggesting that the ‘user’ is not found rather than the domain.

It seems SO long a time to wait, over 24 hours for a working mailbox! I am about to use this account for a few customers, I certainly can’t expect them to wait over a day to get their new salesperson’s email setup :slight_smile: Eeek!

You said that this was a new setup, and no users can get mail (i.e. it bounces). If this was a previously existing domain elsewhere, here’s what may happen:
DNS records for are set to refresh every 24 hours, for argument sake.
DNS MX (mail) records for your domain may be set to refresh every 36 hours. Again, for argument sake.

Some ISP may do a DNS refresh and catch the www entry, but not the MX entry until the next go around, so you site may work, but people may not be able to send mail to the proper place. Just a theory. Without seeing the full headers of the bounced message, it’s difficult to discern since there’s no telling where the bounce occurred.

[update] I just saw the part of your message where it said that spunkymail bounced the message, so disregard the DNS theory.


Thanks for the DNS refresh info. I didn’t realise that MX DNS records are separate from web per se. I think I need to get off and have a good read about how DNS works in the host/registrar/ISP world.

Apart from RFC(bit too heavy) or google/wikipedia has anyone any handy places to read about that sort of thing?? Maybe there is a handy FAQ at some nice web host or registrar that you know of? I would like to get a better handle of the propergation process. I have at times updated the nameservers of a domain and within 1 minute, my machine is resolving to the new host! Surely they can’t all use this once a day approach? Hmm.

Oh and thanks for trying to help :slight_smile: I did not explain my problem very well and the spunkmail error was a bit hidden in my post. I did assume that if the DH mail host was doing the bouncing it must have resolved.

It still leaves a question on why if the cpanel knows and the mail server doesnt?

So now I’ve read up some more on it. The Time To Live applies to the entire zone file (all DNS records for a domain). I’ll take the optimistic guess that all records refresh at the same time.