New ftp user?


I can ftp my files to my domain, I have put my index.htm file on the root of my domain. I just need to know where to put it to make it show up on my domain when someone types in my address? Is there a file structure that I need to use?


If your domain is then you start off by placing files in the folder named


and so on.



It should be noted that you do not actually create the ‘’ directory, this is done automatically when you add a domain to the system (via the Web admin panel). If you registered a ‘free’ domain during the sign-up process, you do not have to add this domain to the system, a directory for this domain should already exist.


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I don’t have the dir. I just have the maildir and a logs.


The ‘’ shown above was exactly that, an example. The actual directory will be named the same as your domain. For example; if your domain was, the directory would also be named

If you do not have a directory with the same name as your domain then it sounds like the domain has not been added to the DreamHost system.

Is the domain the ‘free’ domain you registered when signing up to DreamHost? If so the directory should already exist.

If you registered the domain later, you will need to add it to the DreamHost system using the Domains -> Manage Domains section of the Web panel.


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I just don’t have the directory. My domain is in the system, I can go to the admin area and it shows as reg. and parked but the dir is just not there. I emailed the support site in hopes I could find out why.


If it’s parked, I’m thinking that’s your problem. It has to be set to fully hosted before you can upload files and have them be visible on the web.