New FTP user Problems


I apologize if this have been posted before. A cursory search did not find it.

I will be hiring someone to create a website for me so I need to create a second user account for them to do so. I do NOT want them to access my account details, control panel, or the several other domains/subdomains on my account.

So I:

  1. Went to the DH control panel and created a new user
  2. Created unix groups for the new user
  3. Set all other folders to my group and only the one domain folder to our shared group
  4. Created a soft link from their unix directory to my unix directory containing the domain folder I want them to build

so far so good. From the shell I can access the folder from their account.

Problem: From the FTP I can see the link in their folder, but when I click on it says no such file or directory. Apparently the FTP cannot follow the soft link?

How do I fix this, or is there a better way to do this? This seems like way too much work just to add another editor for a domain.


Connect via SFTP rather than FTP :wink:

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That did it. You really are a smarty pants.