New FTP user, no domain?


Okay, so I registered a domain when I signed up with DH and it made my default FTP user fine, I can access it np and my domain folder is in there, that’s all cool.

But the problem is I’ve created a new user, it’s status is “active” and I can get into the FTP for it perfectly fine, problem is it does not have a “” folder, which means nothing I upload under that account is viewable from the web, obviously creating the folder manually doesn’t help, I’ve also tried doing this several times with different users I have added and it’s the same thing.

I don’t understand why this is happening, the user has an address, it’s active, I can access the ftp but there is just no folder I can access to affect what is seen on the web.

Can anyone help?


Each domain can have only one FTP user, unless you follow the Shared Access link of the previous poster.

Your new user’s home directory has no domain because he has not been assigned a new domain or subdomain.



If you want the user to have a Web site, and he/she doesn’t have a domain, you can create a subdomain for that user, and put it in his/her account.

– Dan