New FrontPage site

Hey all,

Just set up extensions on a site (2 days ago) and was curious to know if anyone has had this happen to them.

When I try and connect (File > Publish Web) in FP I get an error message stating that 'You do not have permission to do this operation". I am also unable to set up or run any scripts inside my account. For example, I tried installing the WordPress Blog, but in order to configure it I need to following the link it provides me ( as well as the other scripts.

Is this a server error? something that I need to get DH - CS to take care of for me? Honestly, it’s not a big deal, just got a pre-built site that made in FP and wanted to see what I could do with it.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

you will have to connect with the live connect feature or I think you can connect through the http connection with front page.

FTP no longer works on your domain. And I don’t believe that you can run WP on this domain. When you enabled extensions DH changed the permissions on all of your files to be “owned” by the apache server so that it can properly interact with them for FP extension to work.

I really don’t understand why you bothered to turn on FP ext. The only thing that gets you is the ability to use the FP submit form or the discussion web and a few other scripts - all of which you can easly replace with stuff that DH provides. And if you have the know how to talk about running a script on your site you’ve absolutly no need for FP ext. you can do it all your self, and better!


Ya, I know there was really no need to install the FP extensions, I just wanted to see how well they were ‘supported’ by the DH servers.

Actually one of the reasons I wanted to test this out is to see if the Frontpage statistics reporting would function on the DH servers. Let’s be serious, the analog statistics report that DH provides BLOW majorly and I’m looking for something a little more ‘usable’ and I was hoping that the FP reporting would provide that.

Again, no big deal and I will probably get the extensions uninstalled in the near future anyway. Like I say, I just wanted to test it out.

Oh, and either way I try connecting in FP, live or thru Publish Web brings up the same prompt, which I cannot get thru. Just keeps asking me for a user:pass, and doesn;t seem to be connecting to anything specific (doesn’t give me a server listing to which I am connecting).

Again, no big deal, I’m not losing any sleep over the situation… Just wondering…

Thanks for the input Matt!

are you connecting with the user name / pass that has access for your domain?


Ya, was using the same user:pass as I would have for an FTP conection.

But… it’s a moot point now. The good folks at DH removed the Extensions for me :slight_smile: