New emailaccount takes forever

I’ve recently moved my emailacount from my own mailserver to dreamhost and have come across a few things that I can’t solve (so it seems):

Removed custom mx records, and hit the ‘make me a regular’ so it’ll add DH’s mailservers. The servers show up but DNS takes forever to update. This could be solved by patience so I’m not nagging about that just yet :slight_smile:

What does bother me is that another custom MX i’ve moved back to DH is working for some accounts, but seems to be a problem for others (on the same domain). Some of them have that little clock behind them, which is normal, but the clock just stays there! (even after an hour). I can send mail (since "i’m using a local smtp server), but when I send a mail to the ‘new’ account it bounces with the message ‘user m123456’ unknown. Should it take this long to add a user??

— edit —
as usual, within 10 minutes of me posting this, the clock vanishes :slight_smile: wish I was more patient now and then, but an hour for a mailaccount seems a tad long. But anyway, this part is fixed.

I had one mailbox take 2 hours to become active, while another created a few minutes before was active within a few minutes. I have a feeling such actions are queued by the system and executed at some predetermined interval.


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