New Email not working?

OK, i am new to DH, so i’m not 100% of how everything works yet…

I set up a new shell/ftp user last night, as well as an email associated with the account. the logon name and email address are different. Let’s call the login name bob21 and the email

When i send email to, i set an undeliverable response form the server saying that user bob21 does not exist:

" (expanded from
unknown user: “bob21"”

Is this normal? does it just take time for the new account to propagate?

While “normal” is a relative term, it does take time for the email address to get set-up and for the DNS to proagate. In my experience there is often a considerable time lag between when the DNS propagates for the domain, and the sucessfull creation of the associated mailbox(es).

I have seen it take well over a day for the email box to go “live” after the domain seems to work.

I do not know why this is, and it can be very frustrating. There are several threads in this forum where that “time to create a working mailbox” theme comes up, and users experiences vary (though most are of the opinion that it takes longer than it should).

I recommend waiting at least an additional day; you will most likely see the mailbox functional soon. A good way to check that status of that is to try to access the mailbox via webmail at http://webmail.yourdomain.tld - once that “works” , you are probably “good to go”. Good Luck!


Yes, i will wait a little longer. To clarity, one on my mailbox/shell accounts already works, and all of my email only accounts do to (the m000 accounts).

I can also log into the webmail with account, and even send, just not recieve (yet?). Interesting also, the email and shell passwords are not tied to one another…

It started working fully today. So for those curious, it takes a little over 24 hrs for a full sheel user to propagate.

Just to note: I’ve had a DH account now for over 6 months and I frequently (hard to know how frequently since I’m not notified directly) bounce when people write to me with just the same sort of message: (expanded from unknown user: “watsonsc”