New Email Mailboxes cannot be checked


I’ve added a few domains in the last few days, with email mailboxes to go along. I am able to access the mailbox preferences by visiting http://mailboxes.(domain).com. I use the password I assigned and I can log in with no problem. However, accessing the mailboxes via http://webmail.(domain).com or via settings in my desktop email reader presents me with an “invalid password” error. This only happens for mailboxes I’ve set up in the past few days – all older mailboxes do not seem to have this problem.


I’ve been experiencing EXACTLY the same problem, starting on May 12 after I’d added some new domains and set up mailboxes for some of them.

What’s going on?

Does anyone have a fix?

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Yeah, I changed my email password several hours ago. It seems to be changed in, but not in webmail, nor on my IMAP client.


If you guys are still having issues, you should contact support. They were able to force my update:

“I’m sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. It seems to be an issue with the email account’s password not updating in our systems. I have scheduled a force update on all your email accounts. The forced update will take approximately 2 hours to be completed. Once completed, you should be able to access your email accounts with no problems.

Please refrain from making changes to your email accounts (such as changing password) right now, as it will prolong the update process. If you are still having problems after the update completes, please let me know exactly which email address you are having problems with.”