New email domain

I currently own the domain “” and host it with DreamHost. I also own “”, but I am no longer with a host. I was told that there is a way to keep my e-mail address from my old domain ( I was told that I had to add some setting in my DSN records, or something along these lines. Anyone know exactly what I need to do? DNS stuff is soo confusing to me. Is there something I need to change with my domain reg. as well as with DreamHost?
Any help is much welcome. Thank you.

Blair Quintana

Some registrars allow you to use their e-mail services if you do not want to actually host your domain. You might try logging into your registrar’s control panel and see. I’m curious though, DH allows you to host unlimited domain names so why not just add that one to be fully hosted and re-create that e-mail address on it?

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And if you don’t want to do that, you could also just add it as a redirect to your other domain, assuming it’s of similar interest. You would still be able to setup email addresses just like a fully hosted domain.

That way, any links to your old site will still lead visitors to your new one.

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You can make it fully hosted, mirror your other domain, redirect to another URL, or go to a parking page… it’s your choice, they’re all free with your existing account, and they all let you set up e-mail addresses in the domain to go either to a mailbox on Dreamhost or forwarded somewhere else. It’s very powerful and flexible.

– Dan