New email boxes

I’m just wondering why, when I create a new mailbox, it assigns an obsure user name to the mailbox. So, when I preview the accounts, I have a list of obsure names. Why can’t the username of the mailbox be the same as the email address?

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The usernames are not domain specific, and are also shared among a cluster of machines supporting many customers. So the situation would arise where username@x woulnd’t be available because username@y was already chosen. Try adding a new user (ftp/shell) with the same username but for a different domain, but on same machine cluster somtime. Thus you have the serialized usernames for mailboxes to avoid collision. Probably not the only reasons though…

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You can still use non-weird names for the usernames though - just add an ftp / shell user instead of a “mailbox-only” user.

The username of the mailbox can be the same IF someone in the same namespace doesn’t already have the username.