New email address problems

Hi All,

I just started fiddling with my email settings, having finally picked a domain name to use. I created an address,, and it was going to my main Inbox (which I was able to login to just fine). I decided, however, that I wanted a new Inbox for this, and went to create a new one.

When creating it, it said the address ( was already in use - and it made sense that you cannot have 2 Inboxes for one address. So I decided to delete the original, and create a new one to go with the new Inbox.

Unfortunately, no matter what password I tried, I could not login to this account. I figured that maybe I set it up wrong… and deleted the new Inbox and the address… and created another new Inbox. This time it automatically created the address (trying again), but I am still unable to login!

Is there a problem in re-using email addresses? Does it take a while for some cache to clear? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


I’m not positive, but it sounds like you’re just trying to log in too quickly. DreamHost servers only updates changes to users every 15 minutes or so (I think that’s what they say; I’ve noticed that it seems closer to the 30 minute to 1 hour range, though I could be mistaken).

If you’re trying to log into the account of a user you just created, it won’t work until this happens. Users usually show as “changed” instead of “active” on your control panel before they become available, so you can check that.

Otherwise, wait a bit and try again.