New Easy One-Click Wordpress?



The newsletter mentioned a new “easy” WordPress one-click install which is “fully-hosted” rather than merely installed into your web area. You’re supposed to get automatic upgrades and such, but only have access to the pre-defined themes and plugins.

Has anyone tried this out yet? I’m going to give it a try but was wondering if anyone else had done so already?

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I created a couple of “test” installations with it. There were some initial “glitches” having to do with version numbers and updates, but that seems to have been resolved today.

It works well enough for what it is - a total “hands off” WordPress blog" (think here).

If you don’t need the ability to handle your own plugins, and can live with one of the many distributed themes, I think it is useful. I do worry somewhat about what comment/trackback spam controls are in place (I didn’t see akismet installed).

It looks like they are relying on reCAPTCHA for spam control, which might be hard of the server if you are getting blasted, but since it is their server, I guess that is their issue to deal with instead of the users’. :wink:



Say, I was just reading the old blog entry on this feature and reread the part where it said that the Easy Wordpress install will run off of a centralized load-balanced server (ala as you say, Robert).

For people who can live with Dreamhost’s choice of plugins and themes, does this mean what I think it means - shared hosting without the “bad neighbor” problem?

Now we just need to get a few more plugins added to the “Easy” version and I’ll be happy as a clam. It might be time for my first “Suggestion”…

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I think that is what it means (or, at least, with “less bad”, neighbors!).

It would also allow DH to customize the environment for WordPress (php configuration wise, mod_php,etc.), so it may well be a much more stable and responsive WordPress server. We can’t run phpinfo() on it, or any code for that matter, so it is hard to see how it might be set up differently, but DH could certainly do that.