New DreamPress "upgrade" extremely slow

So I upgraded from Shared to DreamPress, it failed. However, the vanilla WP site that was put up was blazing fast. Then, an agent via livechat manually transferred my site data. It worked. But, my site is insanely slow.

The first load was insanely slow because I had to wait for my browser to load those images. Are they huge? If so, see if you can chop them down in size a bit. Otherwise, get a CDN and store them there.

The second load was no issue and everything loaded fairly fast.

A speed test of your server shows 91% faster than other sites, 88 grade, 1 MB page size, and 58 requests.

The only 2 issues were:

E Remove query strings from static resources
D Leverage browser caching

You can install a script or plugin to remove those query strings from anything loading in the head.

You can also access your htaccess and add some mod_expires code to add some of that caching on the browser level.

You could also enabled HHVM on DreamPress which will make your website faster and caching would no longer even be necessary. However, you need to make sure your theme and plugins are compatible with PHP 7 – I suggest downloading the PHP 7 Compatibility tool from WP Engine.

If you prefer to stay on PHP then just make sure you download a cache plugin like WP Supercache which should help out.

PHP 7 could likely handle the requests and since you aren’t sharing a server with too many people, you could leave it off. However, even though I’m also using PHP 7, I enabled WP Supercache just because I believe it serves an HTML version to users, speeding up their download time of the actual page, and set it to expire every 24 hours. If you don’t get as many comments or make many changes, you could even set it to a week before a new cache version becomes available.

Careful with adding more caching plugins to DreamPress: often they create more trouble than they’re worth it. DreamPress already comes with optimized cache via Varnish, so letting WordPress manage caches can backfire, slowing things down.

To check why your site is slow, use Firefox developer tools to identify bottlenecks. Also, DreamHost released recently two new WP-CLI commands that can help pinpoint issues in WordPress. Try those, too