New Dreampress Customer With Page Delay

I’ve been working on the better part of two days trying to speed up my newly hosted Dreampress site. However, I am still having a delay issue with the site. In the browser, when you either click or enter in my URL, there is a delay from the entry to bringing up any content. Once the content starts coming up, it comes up pretty quickly.

I have configured W3 Cache for use with with Disk Enhanced with all local options except for minify. (No CDN etc)
I have tried disabling all plug-ins. (This did improve but not alleviate the delay)
I have tried reverting to the Wordpress 2010 theme (due to it’s simplicity)
I have tried pulling some of my hair out

No matter what I have tried thus far, there is still an initial delay loading the pages on the site. After that it is practically instant grabbing it from cache.

This is the site I need help with:

Thank you!

It looks as though your Dreampress site is connecting to a database associated with the old VBulletin forums you had on your site. This is slowing things down significantly, since the database used by that forum is still hosted on a shared DreamHost MySQL server.

Disabling the plugin associated with this forum should speed things up significantly.

Andrew, how did you catch that?

I have a sub-folder with vbulletin loaded in /forums. But that’s not apart of the Wordpress install itself, nor is it configured anywhere in my Wordpress install. You can configure it in the import tool, but it does not stay there.

I understand that I shouldn’t have the vBulletin software on my Dreampress instance, it just came with me when I moved from Shared hosting. Are you saying if I just delete the vBulletin software (which is not being used at all) it will speed up the site?

Edit: I just deleted all the binary data out of /forums which was the vBulletin instance. No change in speed.

This is the only place I can think of that would have anything referencing the old vBulletin database.

I have just realized something. There is a difference in load times from when I am logged in and logged out of the site. I’m starting to understand that the caching may be different for logged in users.

Does this sound right?

That is correct, Tearstone. Logged OUT users would be getting a faster site since they get the cache and you don’t.

You’re running a forum (bbPress) and while you certainly CAN do this on DreamPress, it’s not really friendly with caching. No forum is, they’re too dynamic :confused:

I would get rid of BadBehavior personally. I love the code, I love the guy. It’s not a good pairing with DreamPress/Varnish.

I saw in a Dreamhost wiki somewhere to remove it and I did awhile ago. I am not running it.

In terms of forums, vBulletin runs pretty fast. Although it is dynamic, it’s still a PHP driven product.

I am getting the run around by support. I cannot seem to get a consistently straight answer other than what seems like speculation and I really want to work with one of the Wordpress experts at Dreamhost on my case.

I am not running any caching right now. As I’ve stated I’ve disabled all of the plug-ins on my site and it still has a delay.

This is a site of another Dreampress customer:

There is very little delay with their site and they are using W3TC. I was told by support not to use it. I’m kind of pulling my hair out to get my site to come up that quick.

You’ve come to the right place =]

Ipstenu-DH is THE WP expert at dreamhost.

Same issue here. When the site is acting ‘normal,’ there is a 5 - 8 second delay (white screen) then it suddenly and quickly loads. Then there are times when it takes 20 - 50 seconds.

I believe the first line of tech support always assumes it’s a plugin. But like you, I can deactivate them all and see little or no difference in speed. I’ve been told by other in the wordpress biz that the issue is a slow database connection speed.

I was suspicious of the database connection speed myself. My understanding is that the VPS for the Wordpress app and the VPS for the MySQL run in the same physical environment. At least, I know they are located in the same datacenter. I think if we did dedicated hosting, they would put both on the same system.

I have the same slow problem with DreamPress

Running W3TC and slower on average than the shared server with Supercache. Response of WP Panel is much better than before though.

Without W3TC it was very slow.

DreamPress page load speeds seems to vary a lot.

You can certainly use W3TC and hook it in to Varnish to flush, but it’s complex and for the vast majority of people, something they don’t needs.

Tearstone: I can tell you’re still using bad behavior on the gaming site. I can see it in your wp-content folder right now, and when I run a check command, it shows as running and active on that site. If that isn’t the domain you want me to check on, let me know. You have a lot of plugins on a highly dynamic site, which runs for logged in users. That means you’re just not going to get the benefits of Varnish as much as other people, so … in YOUR case, W3TC might be a better call.

StephanieVega: Most of the time it IS a theme or plugin doing things in a funky way that doesn’t play nice with Varnish. On your site, you’ve got adrotate, which their developer says does not play well with Varnish. So that’s going to be a large part of your problem :confused:

As I said in the other post, that plugin has very little impact on the load time, and certainly wouldn’t cause that long delay for the site to connect. - plugin impact on my site’s load time.

I have a site that is still on shared hosting with Buddypress and BBPress using WPSupercache which I believe has much quicker access times than my Dreampress sites.

Shared Hosted Site:
Dreampress Sites: and

I really want this to work and not give up on DreamPress.

StephanieVega - Load time isn’t the whole picture. If it was, my job’d be a lot easier :slight_smile: Also remember that’s load per visit. What’s happening is that every time someone visits the page, the page has to load. If you use Varnish, your WP site will not get hit and thus the load stays incredibly low. In your case, varnish is never being used, so every time someone visits, the page loads from PHP. You’re never going to get the full benefit of DreamPress if you use that plugin, because the author choses not to write it in a way that’s friendly for Varnish. That’s his prerogative, of course, and sadly means our recommendation would be to not use it.

Tearstone - Is that other site getting the exact same amount of traffic as this site? With the exact same plugins and themes and settings? Comparing hosting like that is really hit and miss, since you’re really not comparing the real world scenario.

That other site has about the same amount of visitors everyday, has a lot of the same plug-ins that contribute to a lot of load time (bbpress/buddypress).

Either way. My users are still complaining that my site is slow (20-30 second load times). I really need some help on what I can do to speed this up. - You should try removing Better WP Security and WangGuard. - This has BadBehavior installed. You need to delete it.

OK on Tearstone Graphics.

I uninstalled Bad Behavior on My users are still complaining that the site is slow.

As I mentioned in my first post, I disabled all my plug-ins and set it to the vanilla 2012 theme. The initial access to the site was still slow. What am I doing wrong here outside the plugins?

Both sites load quickly for me and I am accessing visa a UK VPN from Pakistan. I would say that the Christian Gaming site’s home page took a few seconds to load, but subsequent pages loaded fine.

That’s my complaint. The initial page load has a delay, but it is fast after that. I am trying to determine why there is a delay in that page load.

My site is still not performing the way a site should on a standalone VPS. Dreamhost, I do not want to jump ship, I really want this site to work right.

My site visitors are being very patient right now with me while I work through this. What else would you suggest that I look at for these lengthy delays before the page loads?

Is there any possibility that I can have MySQL loaded on the same instance as my VPS to rule that out or ??