New DreamObjects cluster

We’re closing our old cluster and launching a new one! Read >this email closely to avoid any data loss.

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Hi You,

We’re excited to announce that the DreamObjects team will be >launching a new cluster, “us-east-1,” on April 10, 2018! >Unfortunately, for complex technical reasons, it’s not possible for >us to seamlessly connect the clusters and copy your data >between them. As such, we need to close the old >“us->west-1” cluster that has served you for the last six >years.

What You Need to Know:

On the launch day (April 10) for the new cluster:
Your existing credentials will be enabled on the new cluster
Existing bucket names from the old cluster will be created as >empty buckets on the new cluster with the same owner
Creation of new buckets will be disabled on the old cluster
New DreamObjects accounts will only be created in the new >cluster

What You Need to Do:

If you need to create new buckets after April 10th, you’ll need >to do so on the new cluster.

If you have data that you wish to preserve, you’ll need to >copy/migrate the data between the clusters before October 1st >2018, when the “us-west-1” cluster will be shut down. >After this date, any remaining data on this cluster will be >destroyed.

If you need to copy/migrate data between clusters, don’t >worry! We’ve started documentation here. Please note that >this link will not work until April 10th.

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Oh, Joy. I get to move about 5TB.

I’m pissed.

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Hello Mort,

We are truly sorry for any inconvenience but if you’d like we can see if we can assist with the move. In order for us to look into this for you we ask that you please contact our cloud team through your web panel here:


So does this mean that the hostname is going to change as well?

Will my CDN aliases also be maintained? Or are those flying out the window as well?

I am not happy about this, DreamHost. Your changes like this always end costing me dozens of non-billable hours. I am not happy either.

I feel there’s a considerable lack of information about this.

  1. Is there going to be a “us-west” cluster at all any more, or are we all moving our data to the east coast for some reason?
  2. Will we have to pay to pull all our data out of the old cluster?
  3. Will DreamHost have a tool to make this transfer so I don’t have to download everything locally then re-upload? I imagine your internet connection is faster than mine…
  4. You say you’re excited about this new cluster, it’d be nice to know why we ought to be excited too.

5 days to go
Is this really happening?
There is no mention of this on the status page, or the dreamobjects manage screen. Just how does this affect using the dreamobjects?
The link in the email has 1 sentence, absolutely uselsess.
Do I upload to a new address? Is that
And any data there gets downloaded from there?
But all the older data can still be seen at
What time on April 10 does this start?
Normally my customers upload and view files all day. Is uploading on Tuesday shot to hell?

I think April 10th you won’t be able to create any new buckets on the old cluster, but anything you already have going will work as-is until October 2018.

The sound of crickets means that either someone at DH is looking into this for us, or someone at DH is trying to figure out how to spin this.

I wish DH’s left hand knew what its right hand was doing.

The help page for migrating to the new cluster is up:

It answered none of my questions. Also, the DreamObject control panel still has no mention of a second cluster.

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Yes. The page is up and answers all my questions, except, What does a migration do in this case? Is this a copy or a move? I mean is the data left on the old cluster until October after it is migrated?

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Okay, so despite being promised that CDN support would be grandfathered (see this post), it turns out than NONE of my CDN aliases are functional right now.

Yes, I am migrating my data…away from DreamHost.

Again, countless unbillable hours being lost here. Just when I thought I could take a weekend off. Thanks, DH.

Nothing from DH on this. I am extraordinarily disappointed.

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