New DreamHost Default DNS

Have you guys changed your default DNS ONCE AGAIN?

Last time I checked, they were:

But they have since become:

I remember it was something else a while ago. The reason that I ask is that I am registering domain names a lot, and that’s what confuses me as I seem to be always filling in the wrong stuff.

Does it really matter since all my domains look okay, at least for now.

Alleged Cybersquatter - knows a thing or two about domain names

Both will work, but ns(1,2,3) will be the defaults for new zones (last I checked, the actual registration was still using the old values, which will be fixed soon.

It’s not ideal to have the authoritative servers report values that don’t match the delegation, but it’s not a huge deal - your domains will all still work. At the moment, old zones should still be giving out / ns(2,3); at some point we’ll probably do a mass change for domains registered through us.