New domains registered with Dreamhost


I registered 5 new domains with Dreamhost yesterday, and 4 are active and viewable.

1 is neither viewable nor searchable. I clicked the link as required, along with all the others to set it up:

'Once you click the link, your email address will be instantly verified and there is nothing further for you to do on the following domains:’

There is nothing visible on my Dreamhost toolbox for this domain.

Can you advise please? Thank you

Since .farm is a new TLD, you’ll find it in your web panel under Domains > New TLDs:

Click the “Manage” dropdown and click on “My Domains”. That’s where you’ll find :slight_smile:

Hi DH_Elle S,
Thank you for your reply! I’ve found the domain now. But I have 2 more questions:

  1. Can Dreamhost arrange it so all my domains are viewable and manageable in 1 domain management page - it’s a little fiddly having to go to the new TLD page as well.

  2. How do I add emails etc to It’s easy with my other domains, and I have set some up already. But it’s not clear how to add emails to the domain?

Thank you!

Using enom’s whois tool:
It appears the name servers for this domain are not pointed to dreamhost, change those to and

As for how/where these appear in the panel, it does seem odd that dreamhost would have two separate places to manage domains.

[quote=“LakeRat, post:4, topic:61526”]
Using enom’s whois tool:
It appears the name servers for this domain are not pointed to dreamhost, change those to, and

Thank you LakeRat.

In which screen exactly do I change the ‘Name servers for this domain?’

Is it the DNS settings screen?
If so, do I change the Server 0 to, Server 1 to and Server 2 to ?

I’m keen not to mess around with settings I don’t understand!
Many thanks, A

Thank you to the people who responded, but I’m still stuck!

I have a query still on setting up emails on my new domain:

I was advised: Using enom’s whois tool:
It appears the name servers for this domain are not pointed to dreamhost, change those to, and

I don’t know where to change the ‘name servers for this domain’ - can someone tell me which screen I should be looking at? Thank you!

I skipped replying before when you asked where to change because it looks like the “new tld’s” pages take some of the functions for the new tld’s, Since I don’t own one of the new ones, I can’t see where to set namesevers for it.

If it was an old tld and you registered at dreamhost, the place to go would be manage domains. Clicking a DNS link below a domain name on that page will reveal the screen to change the nameservers.

Just making a guess, but for the new TLD’s you might need to go to the “new tld’s” section of the panel and hover the manage tab at the top and select “my domains” on the sub menu.

and for anyone just reading this thread, if the domain was registered elsewhere (not thru dreamhost) you would need to log in where it was registered to make the nameserver change.

To use our DreamHost nameservers for your .farm TLD, you’ll need to navigate to Domains > New TLDs > Manage > My Domains >

Click on your domain, and you’ll see a “DNS Servers” tab under Settings. Click “DNS Servers”, and on that page, click to use “Custom DNS” . You’ll see Enom’s nameservers (, etc) there. Delete all of those, and replace them with our nameservers:,,

Save your changes, and you’ll be using our nameservers!

The reason your domain was using Enom’s nameservers is due to the fact that when you register a new TLD from our panel, you’re actually registering the domain through Enom, since that’s their page in our panel and they maintain it. Eventually we’re going to move all new TLDs to be maintained by us, but we don’t have an ETA on that yet.

As far as setting up email for, you would do it like you would for any of your other domains. Hosting can be done just like any other domain. Just set it up on the ‘Manage Domains’ page first, then create an email address via “Manage Email” if you want to use our mail services.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks, I have it all done now… Many thanks for your help.