New domain

I’ve had a site hosted with DH for a few years but I want to make another site for someone else. I assume there is a way of doing this with out setting up a whole new DH account for them but I’m not sure how to do it. Is is simply a matter of putting their site in a folder in my webspace and setting up a domain to point to that? What if I wanted to set up something that required a database?


If all they need is FTP access to that domain, then it’s easy. Create a new User in Users -> Manage Users. Then create a new Fully Hosted Domain in Domains -> Manage Domains. Don’t put their site folder in your own webspace because they’ll need your access to get to it.

For databases, during creation, it’ll ask you for the database user, database name, and database hostname. These are all independent of the FTP users. Fortunately, we’re allowed “unlimited” users and domains, so it’s easy to set up stuff for others. Just remember that it’s your account and you’re ultimately responsible for all content.


Be sure to select the newly created user when creating the [sub]domain for them so that the correct user has ownership fo the files that will be uploaded.

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