New Domain

If I go into the manage sites section, and want to browse what is avalible for domains, can I search or will I be instantly charged if one is avalible?

Basically I want to know if I have to accept the choosen domain if it is avalible before actually paying for it, I just want to browse right now, not buy. I’ll buy later.

you only own it once you purchase it…so browse away.

I typically use to do WHOIS lookups, as sometimes I want to know more than just whether a domain is available. For instance, if something I really want is already taken, it’s helpful to know when it will expire so that I can look for it again if the owner decides not to renew. Domains Tools is pretty trustworthy, but one has to be careful with some services which let you look up domain names. With some other companies, if the name searched for is available but you don’t buy it right away, they’ll buy it in the meantime and then try to sell it to you at an inflated price. Sneaky stuff.