New Domain?

Hello, I was just wondering that if I decide to cancel a domain registered with DreamHost and register a new one here, do I have to pay for it or is it covered by my hosting plan (1 Free Domain).

If there is a free domain available for the plan you purchase, it will be free.

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Even if that first domain came with the plan? Heres the little timeline:

1.Got DreamHost Plan 1 (1 Free Domain)
2.Used that Domain
(If it is possible, continue)
3.Cancel that Domain
4.Get another one, free with the hosting package I already have


Unfortunately no, this is not possible.

You can not cancel a domain registration once it has been processed. You can choose not to renew it when the registration expires, but you can not cancel it after using it.

Of-course, you can register another domain (as many as you like), but it will not be free. The standard $9.95 per year registration fee will apply.


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You can also register domains through any other registrar or registry that offers such service, and host them through Dreamhost; domain registrations need not be directly with DH.

– Dan