New domain

I registered (with hosting, under my existing plan) the domain more than 48 hours ago and its still not working… Any idea’s?

did you get an email from dreamhost that your purchase was a success?

Alexa Trend/Rank: Not Ranked
Website Status: not active
Blacklist Status: Clear
Record Type: Domain Name
Monitor: Monitor or Backorder
Wildcard search: ‘haumarush’ or ‘ma rush’ in all domains.
Other TLDs:
.com .net .org .info .biz .us
X [5 available domains]

Domain is available

is what I get when I check it at

shad, thanks for the heads up! I’m not at home until this evening so I can’t check my old emails, but I just tried to register it with dreamhost again and was informed that the domain is available!

I also just checked my Paypal payment history and I WAS billed the $14.95 on the 21st - so i’ve paid but it has not been registered!!

I would appreciate an official response on this ASAP


  • Mark


I’ve just checked my balance on dreamhost and found that I had a positive balance of $14.95 so I guess something went wrong and it never actually got used, even though I got billed in paypal?

I’ve registered it just now and this time it used the $14.95 from my dreamhost balance. I’m just waiting for the confirmation email now.

If you want to hear from DreamHost, then send them a support message (through the DH panel’s Support tab). Do not expect to get a reply from them in this forum – it’s a forum for customers, not an official support channel.

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