New domain; wrong server


I have a “regular” dreamhost account with about 40 domains, some get a bit of activity, several are dormant. Yesterday, I registered a new domain, and let it be parked. When I set it to “Fully Hosted” It had been assigned to my dedicated server (about 150 virtual domains hosted there), but I changed it to one of the DH servers (Gladstone). I uploaded files for a new domain to the directory on Gladstone that I had found had been created. But the domain does not show up. All I see is the “site not found” robot graphic.

I submitted a support ticket. DH says that I should have put the files on my dedicated server and changed my httpd.conf to accommodate. When I set up the domain, I told DH to be the name servers, DH picked an ip address. my dedicated server doesn’t listen to that ip address. In deed, if I had wanted this domain on my dedicated server I wouldn’t have gone through the web panel at all.
I’m hoping some one can help me figure out how to get Dh support to understand what I need them to do. And how can I stop new domains from getting aimed at my dedicated server.


I’ve had another message from support, it was useless. About 24 hours with no help.