New Domain: We currently have no "zone" file



I just registered a new .de domain at godaddy (let’s call it When I set it up as a new domain in the panel I get the following text:

Weirdness on this domain…
We currently have no “zone” file for, and so you cannot modify DNS.

Are you sure you have this domain hosted with us? (This page won’t do anything unless’s nameservers are set to,, and

Nonetheless, we’ll try and create one now… please try reloading this page in a couple of minutes… sorry about that!

Does that mean it doesn’t work?

Thanks for your help,


When you say you set it up in the panel do you mean the DreamHost panel?
Did you enter it in the ‘Fully Hosted’ domain to host box at this location?

It just checks for valid TLDs not any DNS records so you can enter anything in the box and load it into your account.

If you entered it okay then there may have been a transient error with the DreamHost systems. :wink:



Thanks for your reply, Norm!

yes, I used the Dreamhost panel and I did specify ‘Fully Hosted’.

Now, 30min later, the error is gone. However, it’s not working yet … but maybe things take a little longer with German TLD’s vs. .com…



Oh yes always allow up to 2 days to make sure it has fully propagated. Sometimes it will happen within minutes in which case it is a bonus!

I had better let “The Happy DreamHost Domain Destroying Robot” remove now! :slight_smile: