New domain registered

I registered a new domain It already (after just a few hours) has a Dreamhost message saying that the site is parked. When I registered it, it said that it might take 1-3 days for the dns to propegate across the Internet. Does this mean that I can see it but maybe not everyone else across the world can yet?

S.P. Gass

You hit park domain, not fully host. Go check domain status and edit change.

OK, thanks. What I am really wondering is if I can see the website should I go ahead and start editing/posting? Or should I wait a couple of days before posting to ensure that everybody can access the site?

If its a new domain, you can start uploading the site and some users will be able to see it others wont’ until all the DNS is propagated. There’s nothing to stop you putting it up already, it just may not be viewable to everybody.

It shouldn’t take more than 24 - 48 hours for everybody to be able to see it

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If you can see the website, so do others. Though it may take a bit longer time for DNS to propagate to some regions, you can start editing and posting already.

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Thanks a lot!
I will proceed.

S.P. Gass