New Domain, Really Slow

I’ve been really happy with Dreamhost for awhile now, with several domains. Until…

I recently added a new domain to my account ( and it’s like it’s hosted on an 8088 in Indonesia, or something!?

It takes forever to resolve - Many internal page links can take upwards of 11 seconds before the server even begins to respond - I’ve even had the W3C validators tell me there’s no site at the domain at times!??

And what’s crazy is that my original (old) domain on that account absolutely flies!!??

I thought they’d be on the same server, no?

What would explain the difference?

I’ve been trying to contact support, but as of yet, no ideas or resolution.

Another thing I should add that has me scratching…

In IE (both 6 & 7) pages will sometimes appear “blank” after a LONG wait (view source shows an empty document).

I’ve never seen that in with Firefox or Safari, both of which time out often with this very slow domain, and at least throw an error.

After one of these IE “blank pages,” I can hit refresh, and often times, the page will eventually display correctly.

Any ideas?

Could you post a link to the site. I am thinking that the server is trying to find something that does not exist.

I use firefox, and it loads quick enough!

I am also using Firefox and loads fine here, no noticable delay.

By the way, nice photos. :slight_smile:


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Duh! Now I feel like an idiot. I overlooked the website address in your first post. I am using IE 6 and it loads just fine for me. Nice photos BTW.