New Domain Question

Hey everyone. So Ive been hosting 2 of my sites on Dreamhost for almost a year and I made a new domain on Monday (10-10-2005) and its still not up and running. I know they said 1 - 3 days and I’ve been very patient. I even emailed DH several times with no response. Any ideas on whats up?

That’s the longest I’ve heard - seems odd, although they just came off that big campaign and might be backlogged. Seems too long for the internet/DNS propagation.


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Yea thats what I thought too. I did everything you 're supposed to do and I even checked with DH and they just said that everything was good to go but to just be patient.

But I just noticed in my DH panel that if I go to “Manage Domains” the new domain doesnt even show up there and I did add a new domain…where it said to.

So…how exactly do I know if its up?

You can post it here and some of us (who are all over the world) can see what the status is - if our ISP’s know about it.

If you don’t want to announce it, you can send me a private msg and I can check it for you.

Another suggestion is to go to and search from there to see if it’s been registered.

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the url is:

The problem is definitely at DreamHost’s end, as your WHOIS information is correct, but the website is listed as inactive. You should try contacting support again.

Simon Jessey
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Yea I’ve emailed them twice. Once on Friday night and once this morning. Not sure what else I can do but this is extremely frustrating. Does anyone know if DH is open on weekends? Maybe thats why they arent responding.

I take it you got through, because I’m seeing the site fine. Cute domain name.