New domain not propagating

Hello - I registered for a new domain through DreamHost over 72 hours ago, and it still hasn’t come up yet. What can I do? Thanks!


I took a look into your account and noticed that you recently added Is this the site you are referring to? I ran a whois check and it seems that the site is pointed to dreamhost correctly and is up and running. Only problem i noticed is that the site has no content on it and says 'coming soon". Please let me know if this is the site you are talking about and if the sites content is complete. I’ll be glad to help in any way i can.

Cedric H

Yes, that is the correct site. But I haven’t yet received any login information via email, as I have with previous domains. Thanks for your help!

It’s online from down under!

The login info will be the same as the user you’ve attached to the domain when setting it as Fully Hosted. You can quickly see which user that is by navigating to Panel > Domains > Manage Domains

I do see the DreamHost Coming Soon page! That means the DNS is all done propagating. If you don’t see it, There may be a local cache in your browser or computer, and you can try clearing local caches with instructions from our wiki pages and You can usually view your site soonest from a non-caching web proxy such as Just enter your domain there and view the site exactly as it is on our servers, with no caching or outdated info.

Once you see the Coming Soon page, you can follow the “helpful links for getting started” links to help you start building your web site. Have fun!

Also, what sXi said: :wink:

I figured it out… I forgot to install WordPress… :blush:
Thanks for your help!

:stuck_out_tongue: That’ll do it! Heh, it happens to the best of us – No worries! Just let us know if you need assistance with anything else. We’ll be here and happy to help :slight_smile: