New Domain Name Regestration

I just started hosting with dream host 2 days ago.
I signed up with a address and it still hasn’t come online. And the panel has some strange info about it…

Service Type
Domain Registration

On Plan



Is this normal?

What registrar did you purchase it through?

I have this exact same problem.

Service Type:
Domain Registration

On Plan:


Reconfigured (PST):


Any ideas on what the problem is for myself as well as jay?

What do you mean by what registrar did we purchase it though?

My domain is supposed to be but it doesn’t seem to be working.


Same for me, it would appear that they are a bit behind on registering new domains, or if there’s some automated interface, then it isn’t working.

If I add DreamHost’s assigned DNS server as an alternate, I can access my site, but it would be nice if others could see it too…

I did i with DreamHost.
One domain name comes with the server package.

I would HOPE that they handle the registration themselves, since it is SUPPOSED to come with a free domain name.

Ya, I am also having the same problem, so far for me it has been about 30 hours.


Well, I submitted an e-mail support question.
We’ll see what they say about this.

I really hope dreamhost works out… but if they CAN’T even register a domain name…it worries me.

Wow… I got a reply within 5 min.

Here is what they said…

There appears to have been a bug in the system at the time you attempted

registration. our apologies, but you will need to complete the process

once more as we have resolved this. Please had to the

Domains–>Registration tab to do so.

If there is anything more we can help you with, please let us know and we

will be more than happy to accommodate.


Jeff T.

Well there you have it.

How long time take the free domain registration offer in Crazy Domain Insane plan?

I choose my domain that Dreamhost offer to me for free and I pay the one year per-payment plan, but I can see that this domain still available in Whois from

In my control panel, in Domain link appear in “Manage”:

Service type: Domain Registration
On plan: My Crazy Domain Insane
Status: unknown
Reconfigured (PST): N/A
Server: (empty)
Modify: (empty)