New domain name - can't find it!

Hi, smart and helpful people! I have a quick question… Please give me your knowledge.
I registered a new domain name with DreamHost, thinking that it would go under my main account name. But I think that accidently I actually set up a new username and everything in addition to the new domain name.
I thought that Dreamhost would be emailing me information about the new domain name when it was set up and ready to go. But now it’s been two weeks and I can’t find the new domain name anywhere. When I try to login under the new domain name, I can’t remember the username and password that I used, nor can I remember the birthday that I used.
Why didn’t Dreamhost just send me some simple email verification? How can I recover this information?
Thank you so much

hmm. If you provided false information, perhaps Dreamhosts system automatically declined your new account? Did you get charged for it?

You could perhaps contact support, explain your problem, and ask if they could resend information to the E-mail associated with the new web-ID you set up.

Just an FYI, you should have loged into your normal web-id and added the new service in there, that would have made the domain apart of your normal web-id.


[quote]nor can I remember the birthday that I used.


That is kewl. I wish I could choose my birthday.

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