New domain, how long for it to show up in panel?

Hello everyone,

Have registered yesterday and bside a subdomain, I got a free domain name too. All looking good I can access my site via the subdomain, and on the invoice I see that also a new domain is registered and working.

Only when I goto manage domains I don’t see the new domain, I can see the subdomain, but not the new domain that is displayed in the invoice. Does it take more time before it shows up in the panel?

I understand about domains need time before they work. However, I really like to know if they should be inside the panel now or after a few days. Thank you.


It sounds as though you may have only registered the new domain at Dreamhost, and have not yet “hosted” it. Once you have a domain (whether or not Dreamhost is the registrar), you have to “Add a Domain” via the Manage Domains section of the Dreamhost Control Panel

The process of registering and adding hosting can be a “two-step” process, as Dreamhost lets you host domains that you have not registered at Dreamhost.

You can host as many domains as you want on Dreamhost plans, without extra charges, and it doesn’t matter where the domain is registered.

Just go to the link I provided above, and “add” the new domain (that you registered at Dreamhost) and it will then show up in your panel. Good Luck!


Ok thanks that worked, the domain is now visible and fully hosted at manage domains. Guess now all I do is wait some time until it’s propagated.