New domain hosting

I previously had one domain registered through DreamHost and was hosting it. Now I registered a second domain through DreamHost. However, when I go to the Web Panel, go to Registrations, and click Add under the Hosting column for the new domain registration, and click Fully host this domain, it doesn’t appear under Manage Domains. Doing the same thing again gives me the message “You can’t add that domain: already in our system”. Why doesn’t my new domain appear under Manage Domains?

You can’t register a domain that has ever existed on dreamhost hosting before, if a promo code was used.

Submit a ticket to Support. They can give you some insight into what the hangup is, and possibly clear it up.

I’m having the same issue but the support is not helping me! They are treating me like I’m over taking the domain, what does not make ANY sense! I’m already sent them every prove and explanation about the situation!

I’m getting mad with DH about this. I need to register this domain ASAP and I’m going somewhere else to to this, because DH does not believe a 3 year customer!

I’m not sure what your issue is, if i have mis-read I apologize. It sounds like you have not registered the domain “I need to register this domain ASAP” but apparently it is not as straight-forward as just registering the domain. “I’m already sent them every prove and explanation about the situation!”

Did it occur to you that you may be getting mad at dreamhost over something that dreamhost has no control over to begin with? As a TLD registrar they have very specific rules they must follow, and they can’t simply over-ride those rules just because someone stands up and says “I have the credibility of a 3 year customer and therefor I speak the truth.”