New Domain For User

Hello, a search has not worked, perhaps I don’t know the right terminology.

I am a user of an account, the guy who owns the account has setup one url for me which has worked for several years. Now I registered a new name at godaddy, and routed the DNS to DreamHost. I asked the owner of the account to add the domain to my user account and he did. The site now resolves to DH and I can access it with my same ftp login for my other site, but I don’t see it all in my control panel.

So does it take a few days to show up in my control panel, or does the owner of the account somehow need to transfer that domain to me as the user?

Any help would rule.

The owner of the account needs to go into the panel and edit your webid. Then he’ll just make a few tick marks and it’ll show up in your panel before long.


Thanks for Your Reply, I’ll pass the info along and see how it goes.