New domain DNS(?) problem

I’m trying to host a domain which is registered through another company (not DH). My other company’s domain control panel lets me set an IP address for the web server for my site ( I’ve fed this with to hit, and set up as a domain in the DH control panel… but no joy. FTP and Telnet are working fine, so my DNS change has definitely propagated itself ok. Either:

  1. I’m doing something really dumb here
  2. I need to just transfer my domain registration to DH to avoid having to frig this
  3. I put on a dirty http forward from another site to some absolute URL on DH which I can’t figure out and probably doesn’t even exist.

Any ideas?

You shouldn’t point the IP to the machine’s main IP. There’s no webserver listening on this IP.

See below.

You don’t have to transfer the registration - just point the domain’s nameservers to us. This is an /entirely/ different thing.

If you can’t, or won’t, do this for some reason, the best solution is to add a unique IP; this is less likely to change without notice. Otherwise, you can do a query on our nameservers to find the right IP to point your site to. This IP WILL change without notice at some point, and your site will break.

Thanks for the reply. Of course I figured out what was probably going on as soon as I posted…

My current registrant doesn’t appear to allow me to specify DNS servers other than theirs, so I can’t have your nameservers resolve the name - which would have been my preferred option too. The unique IP isn’t an option cos I’m (currently) on the crazy insane plan. If I’d queried your nameservers rather than mine (duh!) I would have found the right IP to redirect to -, right? Yes, I know it may break any day without warning. Probably will transfer the registration here at some point.

Ah well, another 48 hours to wait for my DNS to propagate. No chance I can change TTL on that!

Are you sure? What registrar? I feel like allowing someone to change this is something that pretty much all registrars do. I’d doublecheck this with them, and maybe make a big stink if they won’t do it.

If you haven’t already used your free domain registration, you might just want to transfer it to us. Heck - transfer it to someone cheaper if you want - just transfer it to a registrar that gives you the choice.

Oh - ps - we don’t register .uk, so if that’s the domain, you would need to transfer it elsewhere.

If your people (looks like ??) won’t do this for you after contacting their support, you might talk to the people at and see if this is a service they’re required to provide.